Syncitrage  is a new innnovative lead generation software that uses familiar tools to make it easy for you to find heavily discounted items that are only available for a limited time.

Syncitrage requires an active Brickseek Extreme Level membership to work. You can sign up for that here. Current Pricing is $29.99.

(Syncitrage or any of its affiliates are not affiliated with Brickseek in any way)

If you are serious about arbitrage then you know the power of Keepa.

Syncitrage is fully integrated with this information powerhouse to help you make the most informed purchasing decisions

Right now Syncitrage helps you find profitable inventory to resell on Amazon, but we are working on adding more platforms in the future.

#1 Profits Too Low
We are sellers, so like many of you we frequently look at the profit and expense centers in our business and realized that some of our lead lists were underperforming.

What we also realized was that inventory we purchased from Brickseek did exceptionally well for two main reasons: A) The items sourced there were time sensitive and only sourceable (is that a word?) for a short period of time and 2) The items were extremely discounted. It was almost impossible to loss money on these buys.

So at that time we decided to put more money towards these more profitable buys and less from lists. Now don’t get me wrong we will still use lists but Syncitrage has been a nice boost to our bottom line.

#2 Tired of the tank

We have built our OA business from list buying. WE ARE NOT ANTI-LIST; we are however anti-price tank.. You know what I’m talking about…you see that great item on sale from a reputable website with great ROI and plenty of net profit which sells a million times a month. You buy it only to have the bottom fall out from underneath it and now your’re scrambling to do damage control..

There are a few reasons why we believe this happens but what we all can agree on is that its annoying and there isn’t much you can do about it, UNTIL NOW.

Leads sourced with Syncitrage are not as prone to the tank as leads that come from lists because most leads are time sensitive, meaning that they are only able to be purchased for a limited time. Its literally first come first served until supplies last.

Because of this, less people have an opportunity to hop on a lead thus reducing the amount of tank. This bears itself out in our numbers. Our average profit per sale with lead list leads is about $7.12. Our average profit per sale with Syncitrage Leads is over $12.

#3 Alternative Sourcing Methods

The human is a creature of habit. Often times its hard to push ourselves to source in categories we aren’t familiar with, but leads with Syncitrage are at such a discount that we can safely test and experiment with other categories safely without breaking the bank.

There are only 40 spots available with Syncitrage. If all the spots are filled a waitlist will be kept and once contacted you will have 72 business hours to respond before we go to the next person on the list.

*** Syncitrage is LIMITED TO 40 people at any given time. If the sign-up page doesn’t open then you will have the option to hop on the waitlist. By signing up for the waitlist you’ll get free leads the next business day by 10am CST. ***