Thanks for purchasing Gkeepa !!!

(a SynciTRAGE product)

Click here to access your copy of Gkeepa. You will only have viewer permissions so make a copy and bookmark it. Having access to this sheet is like having a Corvette but no keys to drive it. In order to get the “keys” to Gkeepa enter the same gmail account address where you have bookmarked your copy. After this you will get an email saying Item shared with you: “GkeepaLib”. These are the keys. Refresh Gkeepa and begin partaking in the holy matrimony of Keepa and Google Sheets. To recap:

1) Click here to access your copy of Gkeepa

2) Make a copy

3) Enter the gmail below where your copy of Gkeepa is kept

4) Once you receive an email saying: Item shared with you: “GkeepaLib” you are good to go after you relaod Gkeepa

*** Please note it may take up to an hour for the Google Servers to send out this email ***

Get Your Gkeepa Keys!